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Are You an Accidental Landlord?

Have you been trying to sell your property unsuccessfully and found the only option for you was to let?

Hassle of being an Accidental Landlord

  • Becoming a Landlord has meant getting permission from your lender or moving your mortgage to a buy-to-let deal.
  • A large amount of your finances are tied up in the property which can fluctuate up or down
  • Capital Gains tax – for most landlords any profit made will be part of your income tax
  • Tenants are never a guarantee to pay rent – spending time dealing with non-payment and eviction is never easy
  • Some tenants cause more damage to the property than others – the security deposit may cover costs but time making good can be a hassle
  • Risk of property having no tenant and therefore no rental income
  • Managing the property yourself can be time consuming or costly if given to a property management company
  • Buying another property whilst letting has a 3 per cent stamp duty surcharge

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