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Land with Development Potential

If you are the owner of land that you think has development potential or indeed has planning permission then we are very interested in talking to you.  We are happy to look at all sorts of alternatives including joint venturing with you and sharing future profits as well as buying outright of course.

To give you some examples of the type of projects that work – a house with a large garden may have the opportunity to extend and alter the house or even to sub-divide the property so you can carry on living there happily and look at all sorts of alternatives.

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We will even send a Chartered Surveyor out to have a look at the property and discuss the particular situation with a tailor-made solution to help you.

Permitted Development (also known by the initials PD)

A bit more about the planning process

Permitted Development has been a revolution in the planning process allowing certain pre-defined criteria to develop without going through the usual time consuming planning process.  Permitted Development is very much down to each specific case and has evolved over time.

For example: it depends whether you have a detached house, semi-detached house or terraced house or indeed a commercial property such as a shop, warehouse, etc these all have various different Permitted Development Rights.  This literally can be anything from a small porch entrance, in the case of a detached house, to a 50 cubic metre loft conversion.

The pictures show the opportunities that are available with a detached house are subject to the size limitations.

Permitted Development

If you are interested in Commercial Conversion and you would like to know more about the Planning Permission required and also about Permitted Development and Prior Approval we have expertise in this area and can advise you.

For those of you looking for help with your Gross Development Value (GDV) we have access to data that can take some of the risk out of development (although nothing is of course certain as there would not be a reward if it was).

We cannot go into specifics here as Permitted Development is a moving target with the Planning rules changing and evolving over time together with associated Case Law this also has to be in consideration of local conditions as well

Prior Approval (also known as PA)

This is where you can submit proposals to the planners (and you don’t have to own the property to do this and if you are not doing it someone might be doing it on your behalf). The planners will then advise either “no it can’t go ahead” or “it’s a maybe it can go ahead”.

We always say that this is printed in “black and white” and interpreted in “grey”, although in theory, it should be simple you have to know what you are doing and the best way to do it so those that are looking to use Prior Approval will ensure that they do not ruin the development by not getting expert advice.

Commercial Conversions Experts here to help You save time and money

If you own a commercial property there are specific Permitted Development rules relating to this as well as Prior Approval and Planning Permission.  We offer a consultation building survey using Chartered Surveyors who understand the development potential.

We identify planning potential, establish building costs that you are liable to encounter and we help you to understand the Gross Development Value (GDV) of the property.  If you are interested in taking this forward we can also produce 3D CAD drawings for use for planning and future sales of the property.

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